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What Is The Travel Bag?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

What is the travel bag?


Travel bags are also called travel packages. As the name suggests, it refers to a type of package that is prepared for traveling or traveling. It is a kind of bag that you can carry around with your daily life or anything you want to carry around when you leave your hometown, go on a journey or visit, or join in the sunshine and rain in nature. Travel bags can be divided into backpacks, bags and trailers. When choosing, consider the volume and style. In addition, consider the size and shape of the user and the weight-bearing capacity.


OEM Cheap Best Mountain Top Backpack Bags.pngTravel bags can be divided into backpacks, bags and trailers. The types and uses of travel bags are very fine. According to the introduction of the outdoor product store's expert, Leike, the travel bags are divided into mountaineering bags and daily city trips or short trip travel bags. The functions and uses of these travel bags are very poor. same. The mountaineering bag is divided into big bags and small bags. The big bag has two types of outer frame type and inner frame type. Because the outer frame type is very inconvenient to travel in the mountains, it is generally recommended to use the inner rack type travel bag. For example, taking a five-day climb to Siguniang Mountain in Sichuan, it is recommended that men use 70-80 litre travel bags and women use 40-50 litre travel bags. The travel bag is best equipped with a detachable top bag or purse. After reaching the camp, you can put your favorite things in the top bag or purse, and leave the big bag in the camp for light travel.

Although carrying a large travel bag, filled with heavy equipment, it seems like a cool look will attract a lot of eyeballs, but carrying the weight on their own body only experience, the shoulders of the tired no one to share for you, so when traveling To be able to do what it takes, be sure to “select packages” when choosing travel bags. When choosing a travel bag, it is important to try it out by putting something equal to the weight of your outfit into the bag and trying it out, or using your friend’s travel bag to try it. When you try back, you should pay attention to whether the bag is close to your back. Whether the belt and the chest strap are suitable, there are separate men's and women's and so on. When purchasing a travel bag, it is recommended to go to a professional store to guide the purchase by a professional. When buying, you must be picky. Don't just look at the brand. You wouldn't want to do it. You are tired.

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