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What Is The Purpose Of Travel Bags?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2018

What is the purpose of travel bags?


According to the difference in the volume of travel bags, travel bags can generally be divided into three categories: large, medium, and small. Large travel bags with a capacity of over 50 liters are suitable for medium and long distance travel and more professional adventure activities. For example, when you are going to an area like Tibet for long-distance travel or mountaineering adventures, you should undoubtedly choose a large travel bag with a volume of 50 liters or more. Some short and medium-term trips also require large travel bags if you need to camp in the wild, because only it can hold tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats for your camping. Large travel bags can be divided into mountaineering bags and long-distance travel bags according to different uses.


Customized Colorful School Outdoor Travel Sports Backpacks For Kids On Sale.pngMountaineering bags are generally long and thin, so that through narrow terrain, the body is divided into two layers, the middle of which is separated by a zipper sandwich, which is very convenient when picking and placing items. The side and top of the travel bag can be tied with tents and mats, which virtually increases the volume of the travel bag. There is also a hail suit outside the travel bag, which can be used for binding ice axes and poles. The most worth mentioning is the back structure of these bags. The bag contains a lightweight aluminum frame that supports the body. The shape of the back is designed according to ergonomic principles. The back is wide and thick, and the shape conforms to the human physiological curve. The "S" type design also has a chest strap that prevents the strap from sliding sideways, making the travel bag comfortable. And all these bags have a strong, generous and comfortable waistband. The height of the harness is adjustable. The user can easily adjust the strap to suit his height according to his body. Generally speaking, the bottom of the travel bag is located above the buttocks, which can transfer more than half of the weight of the travel bag to the waist, thereby greatly reducing the burden on the shoulder and reducing the shoulder damage caused by long-term load.

The package of the long-distance travel bag is similar to that of the mountaineering bag, except that the bag body is more spacious and is equipped with a plurality of side pockets so as to sort and arrange the pieces. The front face of the long-distance travel bag can usually be fully opened and the articles can be easily picked up and put. . The size of the medium-size travel bags is generally between 30 and 50 liters. These travel bags are used more widely, 2 to 4 days of field trips, travel between cities, and some long-distance non-camping self-service trips. Medium-sized travel bags are Just perfect. Carry clothes and some everyday items can be packed. The style and variety of medium-sized travel bags are more varied. Some travel bags have added side pockets to facilitate the dispensing of items. The back of these bags are roughly the same as the large travel bags. The volume of small travel bags is less than 30 liters. Most of these travel bags are generally used in cities. Of course, they are also suitable for outings of 1 to 2 days.

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