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What Is The Development History Of The Bag?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

What is the development history of the bag?


From the classic to the modern, the rise of bag decoration has a close relationship with the evolution of clothing. Since the end of the eighteenth century, when the wavy skirt with a belt was replaced with the clothes for self-cultivation, the ladies rushed to find a bag that could carry personal items. The first fish-net-shaped pouch springs up. This kind of pouch with a long rope is easy to hold on the hand, and it becomes a real “package decoration”. For hundreds of years, the trend of fashion accessories is like fashion, changing with each passing day and changing. Its status has also gradually increased, becoming an indispensable part of women's clothing, such as bag decoration. Based on different trend cultures, different times, and different occasions, the bag has evolved into ever-changing forms.


Cheap Outdoor Lightweight Durable Travel Duffle Bags For Gym.pngAt the beginning of the 20th century, as a representative of fashion, bags became popular items that were commonplace. As a result of the atmosphere of "Oriental Civilization" that swept Europe at the time, bag decoration became strange. Until the 1920s, the mass media became more and more developed, and fashion was no longer the privilege of the upper classes, and the package began to show their own characteristics. The beaded bag sounded as the rhythm of the music pulsated, and a popular "comicante" was played with popular jazz music. In the 40s filled with smoke, the package design emphasized practicality, and the trend of pragmatism was influenced by military design. However, it promoted package decoration to civilians and simplification. In the 70's and 80's of rapid economic development, in a sense, the package has become a symbol of cultural status and status. New materials and designs continue to be introduced. With the concept of neo-romanticism and classical revival in the late 1970s, some narrow-shouldered shoulder bag, fishing bag and other bags with fresh rural flavors were worn on the shoulders of people and reflected in the surge of economic tide. People are demanding to evade the city’s crowded and noisy will.

In the 1990s, the fashion edgy monopolized by young people seems to have become synonymous with fashion. The design behind the high rankings is without exception the avant-garde masters who are good at playing with gimmicks. The changing trend of "Today is the time when fashion is tomorrow is past" has caused people to feel "the world is changing fast". The bag is also affected by this fast-changing trend and without exception, showing a changeable appearance. In the 20th century, mankind created too many miracles. They have left countless valuable treasures for mankind through their own ingenuity, positive initiative and creativity. The wheel of the clock is still flying forward. We should believe that hope is tomorrow, and it is under our feet.

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