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What Is The Classification And Collocation Of Casual Bags?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2018

What is the classification and collocation of casual bags?


Customize Best Travel Duffle Sports Bag Personalized For Sale.pngAt present, popular casual bags in the market are mainly divided into Messenger bags, handbags, shoulder bags, dual-purpose shoulder bags, shoulder bags, purses, and chest bags. Leisure bags are generally made of nylon or Oxford cloth, and canvases are also used more often. There are many kinds of materials for making casual bags, including natural leather, synthetic leather, imported PU, domestic PU, plastic, cloth, animal fur, straw and so on.

In general, the shoulder bag is mainly a cloth bag, in which the canvas bag is mostly. There are travel backpacks, student backpacks, and stylish backpacks. The shoulder bag is a bag belonging to the leisure sports category, and the use of the high-heeled shoes, the business wear, and the formal wear is required to be taken into consideration in the match. A good backpack is actually very versatile and can be paired with sportswear. The stylish shoulder bag like a canvas bag is a lover of the trend. The large capacity is very practical, and the stylish appearance is also very fashionable.

Fashion diagonal casual bag is a girl's favorite, but also the most common, because of this so it must be carefully selected for their own package, diagonal casual bag with business-type but also stylish and good with To have a good leisure package to reflect, so choose a good leisure package is essential, emphasis on business can be with dress is more suitable for white-collar owners, some fashion is more suitable for the trend of the family.


One-shoulder casual bag is the best match, but also the most casual, as long as the color is not a special alternative shoulder bag can basically match any clothing, leather is to have some clothing style, like the canvas of this stylish canvas material Shoulder bag does not pick clothes, and any style of clothing can be put together, canvas Republic flagship, "Yue livelihood humor spirit", to create a casual, love fashion, love life, love environmental protection leisure canvas utopia. Its fashionable casual bag is suitable for environmental protection, active and up-to-date green trends. On the other hand, the leisure shoulder bag is more and more popular, and it will look very fashionable with simple casual wear.

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