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Waist Bag What Are The Features

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Purse is tied in the waist between the small bag, pockets have what function, bag multi-functional small bag, small backpack, large storage, fully functional purse also has double shoulder bag, single shoulder oblique cross package use function.

Pockets can be placed on the front pocket MP3 music player, the main bag in the bag in the wallet, mobile phone, business card folder, bags, both sides of the front pocket, can put cigarette packs, mobile phones, and so on the back of small zipper windows, valuables, more secure. The belt has the anti-sloughing buckle or the contraction fixed fastener, may adjust the strap length and the adjustment shoulder strap, belt size, the easy adjustment shoulder belt length.

Purse completely according to human engineering design, carry the system using high-quality environmental protection raw materials, the use of gray nylon fabric, soft fabrics and gorgeous color highlights outdoor sports leisure style, exclusive classic printing and text add color, PVC material quality, the back thickening Pearl cotton comfort, and can increase stability, Very good protection of goods in the package.

Purse has gradually become a fashion, pockets have what features, outdoor pockets have a strong waterproof function, through the bag material waterproof function processing, water spill to the pockets of the surface will not penetrate the inside pocket, but directly from the purse slipped, the package inside the goods to play a complete waterproof effect.

Youthful vigor small pockets of the atmosphere and not publicity, full of free and easy to decorate casual temperament, clean and with a design sense of simple style, vibrant dynamic breath, is never fade trend indicators. Generally wear sportswear are back this purse, if it is a man, wearing a casual, will be the waist, the 45° is the best back-pocket, good decorative outdoor activities of the sports wind.

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