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Waist Bag Choose The Advice

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Often participate in outdoor activities of the ALICE know that in the wild on foot, there is a suitable small pockets is how important, portable camera, key, mobile phone, sunscreen, small snacks, as well as men's cigarettes, lighters, in short, too More things need us at your fingertips. Next, simply talk about the choice of outdoor pockets of the proposal.

1, small pockets: the volume is less than 3 liters of the pockets are small pockets, small pockets can be used as a personal pocket to use: mainly used to install silver, as well as identity cards, bank cards and the like worth. This type of pockets are more suitable for work, travel, and daily applications, tied inside the coat, no significant mountain dew, anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume of small stuff too little.

2, medium pockets: the volume of only 3 liters in the 3 liters can be classified as medium-sized pockets of the waist is the most widely used in outdoor pockets, it is more types, and more powerful, can be used to load the camera, kettle Larger items. Is the preferred type of pockets for outdoor activities.

3, large pockets: the volume of more than 10 liters in the pockets for large pockets, these pockets are more suitable for a single day alone outdoor activities and daily life, due to the larger, most of these pockets with shoulder strap.

Buy some of the little knowledge of pockets:

1: fabric, wear is the most basic requirements of sports backpack, the only way to backpack to withstand the outdoor branches, sharp stone and other tests, not to be broken.

2: rain performance, days of accident, in the outdoors who can not say when it will rain, so sports backpack fabric should have PU or PVC coating, after this treatment of the backpack has a better waterproof effect, Can prevent the backpack of the items are not to the rain wet.

3: fasteners, fasteners is a very important part of the backpack, belt, shoulder straps are connected through it, a good fastener requirements rugged, durable, anti-aging, and have good ductility low temperature resistance.

4: adjustable structure: a good sports backpack shoulder strap and belt can be adjusted to achieve a more comfortable state.

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