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The Type Of Outdoor Sports Backpack

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

  The type of outdoor sports backpack

  Today, the development of outdoor sports was the trend of the outbreak, outdoor sports carrying equipment, outdoor backpack was also diversified, sports backpack professional and humane development, with the outdoor activities of the hot, involved in outdoor sports projects gradually increased, we Exposure to the outdoor backpack type is also more and more. So, Xiao Bian said one about the type of outdoor sports backpack.

  There are many kinds of outdoor backpack on the market, which are mainly divided into four categories, namely, travel bags, bicycle bags, backpack and mountaineering bags.

  Travel bag

  The big travel bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the body shape is different, the front of the travel bag can be opened through the zipper, sports backpack very conducive to pick and place things, unlike the mountaineering bag is usually from the top of the package to the items into the bag. Small travel bag a wide range, must choose to carry a comfortable, and not only pay attention to appearance.

  Bicycle package

  Divided into two types of hanging and backpack. Hanging bag can either carry, can also be wrapped in a bicycle before or after the shelves. The backpack is mainly used for bicycles that require high speed cycling. Bicycle bags are equipped with reflective light reflector, to ensure the safety of the night ride


  This package consists of a package body and an external aluminum alloy shelf. Used to carry a larger volume, not easy to load backpack items such as photography boxes, sports backpack gas cans and so on. In addition, many backpacks are often marked on the signs for which sports.


  Mountaineering special backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, making elegant and unique, generally thin body, the back of the bag according to the natural curve of the body design, so that the body close to the back of the body to reduce the pressure on the shoulders. sports backpack Large mountain climbing bag volume between 50 to 80 liters for climbing in the mountain climbing materials, small mountaineering bag size between 20 to 35 liters is generally used for high altitude climbing or assault peak.

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