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Sports Bag How To Choose The Right Oneself

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

1. According to the clothing selection package

If you are a girl to follow the fashion, love to wear popular color clothes, should be selected and popular tone coordination package; if you love to wear clean clothes, it should be with the bright color of the bag. If you love wearing T-shirts, sportswear and other childish clothing, should be selected nylon, plastic, thick canvas a class of hard packaging. If you love to wear knitwear, shirts and other girls gas clothing, should be selected lace, linen or soft cotton and other flexible packaging. Clothing fabric changes, the texture of the package also need to be replaced.

2. Select the package according to the face

The veil is bright, eyebrows sharp, cheekbones prominent and so a little boy face, to take the striped masculine package; gentle eyes, nose round, oval face and other very girl flavor, to choose beaded, sequins The package.

3. According to the body selection package

When the package in the armpit, from the front view, the thickness of the package is a must pay attention to the problem. Breast, thick waist girl should choose thin and slender rectangular bag. And the chest flat, like a boy girl is selected thick thick triangle package, if you prefer a large package, it must consider the height. Height 165CM above the girls, optional full length 60CM can be loaded into a magazine bag; height 157CM below it, optional full length of about 50CM can be crossed into a magazine bag.

4. Select the package according to the function

Choose handbags, look at the appearance of course important, but also can not ignore other functions. Some bags attached to the outside of a mobile phone bag, the bag can also be inserted at the same time, more convenient. Some packages are equipped with smaller, loaded with change, keys and other external bags, can be described as "considerate", it is particularly convenient to use.

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