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Sports Bag How To Choose A Suitable

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

The role of sports backpack, how to choose a sports backpack, in the usual field exercise, backpacks as a necessity in addition to be able to carry many things, the liberation of both hands, more important is to be able to adhere to the balance of the body, making the trip more safe and comfortable. Exercise back should be as far as possible to reduce shoulder burden, will be reasonable distribution of components. So how do you choose the right backpack for the wild?

Select the backpack, first look at the function, that is, according to the usefulness of the selection of suitable backpacks; the second is the backpack fabric, volume, weight-bearing system, this resolution of the backpack is good or bad, durability, knot is not strong, the ultimate backpack is the brand, the level of the backpack to the final thinking of the question, the purpose of the wild is not to compare with each other.

1. The utility and usefulness of backpacks

Get involved in what kind of field exercise to pick out. The current market on the common backpack can be broadly divided into: hiking bags, walking bags, climbing bags, adventure bags, ski bags, riding bags and usually travel bags. The label of the backpack usually indicates usefulness.

The mountain pack is characterised by a perfunctory pole environment, usually "slender" and can be pressed against the back to reduce shoulder pressure. In addition to mountain climbing, can also be used for drifting, walking through the field of movement.

There is no obvious boundary between the walking bag, the climbing bag and the expedition bag.

Cycling packages are usually divided into backpacks and bags. Backpacks are used only for backs, while bags can be hung on the back. The package must be affixed with reflective bar to ensure the safety of night riding.

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