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Sports Bag Five-point Selection

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Sports bag is involved in outdoor activities can not be missing one of the important equipment, then how to choose their own sports package? Here is a five-point advice, hope to help outdoor enthusiasts, perhaps experience a little longer, but if you can patience to see you will be on the shoulder bag to buy a new understanding, or you do not want Look too long experience, you can pull directly to the bottom, you will also have a harvest.

1. Select the volume of the backpack based on the time of going out and the number of items loaded

If the travel time is shorter (1-3 days), and not ready to camp in the outdoors, carrying items not much, should choose a small volume of the backpack, generally 25 to 45 liters is enough. This backpack is usually relatively simple structure, no plug-in or less set up plug-in, in addition to a main bag, usually 3-5 with bags, easy to classify the loading items. If the travel time is longer (more than 3 days) or need to carry camping equipment, you have to choose a large package to 50 liters -70 liters is appropriate. If you need to load a large number of items or larger, optional 80 + 20 liters large backpack or plug more backpack.

2. Select the type of backpack according to the movement mode and the use of the backpack

With the use of sports and leisure shoulder bag, its use is not the same as: specifically for the climbing activities designed rock climbing package, generally do not design hard support, in order to facilitate the portable deformation, while the plug point is more in order to facilitate the fall of equipment, The style is also specially equipped with finishing equipment pad cloth. The cycling series designed for cycling, pay more attention to the riding characteristics, suitable for cycling, the specific can be divided into backpack, rack package, before the package, back hanging dual-use package.

The general meaning of the sports casual shoulder bag, should be called camping backpack, designed to take into account the characteristics of various forms of movement and long marching needs for mountain climbing, adventure and woodland crossing activities. There are specifically designed for long-distance travel backpack, called the multi-purpose package or package, the overall structure of the basic form and sports casual shoulder bag can be the same, can be back and forth, stratified, and similar to the suitcase, Opening, can be a single shoulder, but also horizontal, vertical line. Size package with Siamese structure, can be divided into easy to use, very popular with the welcome. All kinds of backpack has its own unique scope, the best choice for purchase package is dedicated.

3. According to the body selected to bear the size of the system

Backpack the carrying system has a specific scope of application, adjustable backpack, although the scope of the larger is not limitless. It is important to buy the backpack to choose the size of the system. What size is appropriate? In general, the waist of the backpack should be in the tail of the waist on the lumbar fossa. The shoulder of the fulcrum should be roughly shoulder with a lower than the shoulder, so as to facilitate the adjustment and force with the force, back to comfortable, and vice versa will be on the longitudinal sense of the waist force is not in place the appropriate size adjustment Well, the backpack will naturally attached to the back, very comfortable.

4. The quality of the material can not be ignored

Many people in the choice of backpack, often pay attention to the color and shape of the backpack. In fact, whether the key backpack is strong and durable material. From the ribbon point of view, the ordinary ribbon and high-quality ribbon prices can be 3-5 times the BIGPACK selected ribbon bearing capacity of more than 200 kg.

From the fabric point of view the difference is also great, with the 420D fabric, ordinary fabric each code 280 grams, while the high density of the fabric weight of 410 grams per code, so the two fabrics from the strength and wear resistance are very different. In the friction machine on the fabric destructive test, with the same 500D fabric, ordinary nylon cloth to 1075 when the break is broken, the wear resistance of ordinary nylon three times.

From the coating point of view, low-grade backpack with PVC coating, the cold will become hard, and high-end backpack multi-PU coated fabric, the case of cold hardness did not change significantly, four PU coating fabric waterproof up to 1500MM or more The Currently on the market famous brand backpack in the materials are more elegant, performance quality is also better.

5. Good structure and design is superior guarantee of backpack performance

Sports casual shoulder bag has a good performance, the important factor is that it is designed to give the overall structure of the United States is more important to make you enjoy the use of superior performance in the enjoyment. We can BogPACK TOP series backpack design structure can be more intuitive to see this point.

Its carrying the system structure to absorb the principle of the Nepalese basket, using a double V-type design, one is the liner was V-shaped, wide under the narrow, thin under the thin material after the basket type. This structure is more easy to force transmission. TOP series backpack with ETA ---- 3 adjustment device, the device is equipped with a structural liner, the adjustment part has three holes, adjust the location of the hole can change the size of the bear.

Changing the position of the structural liner allows the position of the backpack to move up and down. TOP series backpack also designed to increase the volume of the device, vertical capacity under the top package with a zipper, put the zipper backpack weight gain of about 10 liters, horizontal adjustable backpack in the main bag with two vertical Zipper, after opening can make thicker to expand the volume, especially for the larger volume of goods. Users can adjust their height according to their needs, its wide, with such a backpack for your travel will add a lot of convenience.

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