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Sports Backpack Types And Purchase

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

In order to choose the backpack, in addition to looking at the Backpack brand, style, color, weight, volume and other information, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate for their own activities to be carried out backpacks. Although there are many kinds of backpacks in the market at present, they can be classified into the following categories according to their use.

Backpack type

1. Climbing backpack (mountaineering bag)

This type of backpack is mainly used for mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and other activities carried, this backpack volume about 25 liters-80 liters, a class is the volume in the 50--80 between the big backpack, the other is the volume in the 20--35 between the small backpack, also known as "surprise bag." The most need to pay attention to the purchase of this backpack is to see the stability and durability of the package; because this kind of backpack is to use to do large-scale physical activity, so the stability of the requirements is very high, and in doing mountaineering, rock climbing, ice-climbing activities, the surrounding environment is relatively bad, So the requirements for the rugged durability of the backpack are very stringent, so as to ensure that the climber does not cause unnecessary trouble because the backpack is not strong. In addition, also pay attention to the comfort of the backpack, air permeability, convenience and backpack weight, these aspects of the requirements, although not stability and durability, but is also very important.

Hill is mainly used to transport mountaineering materials, small mountaineering bags commonly used for high-altitude climb or surprise peak. Mountaineering Special backpack is to cope with extreme environment, the production of exquisite and unique, generally elongated, package of the back according to the natural curve of the human body design, so that the package body close to the back of the person to reduce the straps on the shoulder pressure. This kind of bag is waterproof, even in heavy rain will not leak. In addition, mountaineering packages are also widely used in other expeditions, such as drifting, crossing deserts, and long-distance travel, in addition to mountaineering.

2, Sports backpack

This type of backpack is mainly used in sports, such as: running, cycling, skiing, pulleys and so on. This backpack is about 2 liters-20 liters, in the purchase of this backpack most need to pay attention to is the stability, permeability and backpack weight, the higher the stability of the backpack in the exercise is more close to the body, and only this can not affect the carrier to do all kinds of movement; , so the need for the air permeability of the backpack is very high, only such a design can make the body and backpack of the part of the fit to keep dry, the burden of the person can feel comfortable. Another important requirement is the weight of the backpack itself; the lighter the weight of the backpack, the smaller the burden on the bear, and the smaller the adverse effects on the saddled. Secondly, for the comfort and convenience of this backpack to be required, after all, if carrying uncomfortable, take the goods inconvenient, for the bear is also very awkward thing, as far as from the rugged point of view, this type of backpack is not so fastidious, after all, this type of backpack is a small backpack, Durability is not a particular need to consider.

The commonly used bicycle package is divided into two types: bag-type and backpack type. The bag can be carried on the back or on the front of the bike. The backpack is mainly used for biking trips that require high speed cycling. The bicycle bag is provided with reflective light strips to ensure safety during night riding.

3. Hiking Backpack

This type of backpack is the backpack that our asses often carry. This backpack can be subdivided into two types, one is a long-distance hiking backpack, the volume of more than 50 liters, a short distance hiking backpack, the volume of about 20 liters-50 liters, the requirements between the two backpacks is not the same.

Some players now like to use a super lightweight backpack on long walks, which is not true. Because it is not the weight of the backpack that most needs to be noted for long walks, but rather the comfort of backpacks. During a long hike, during the 3-5-day or longer period, what you want to bring is a lot of things: tents, sleeping bags, moisture pads, laundry, food, stoves, drugs, field first aid equipment, etc., and the weight of the backpack is almost negligible compared with these things. But one thing you can't help but think about is that when you get into the backpack and you carry the whole backpack and walk on foot, can you be very relaxed and comfortable? If your answer is yes at this time, congratulations, your entire journey will be very enjoyable. If your answer is no, then also congratulate you, you found your unpleasant roots, quickly change a backpack with a comfortable! Therefore, the most important thing for long walks is the comfort of the shoulder, in addition to the durability, permeability and convenience of a considerable demand, and for long-distance hiking backpack, the weight of their own and the stability of the bear no special requirements. The weight of the backpack is negligible when it comes to carrying all the net worth, as I have said before. Moreover, this type of package does not need to be very much on the body like a sports backpack, so stability is relatively less important.

As for the other kind of short distance hiking backpack, this backpack is mainly used for outdoor travel 1st, this situation does not require the player to bring a lot of things, only to bring some food, the field stoves and so on can, so in the selection of this type of backpack there is no special need to pay attention to, as long as the backpack when the comfort of a comfortable air The use of convenience, weight not too heavy can be, of course, this kind of package for City hiking is also possible.

4. Travel Bag

The big bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the bag body shape is different, the front of the bag can be opened by the zipper all, very advantageous to take the thing, unlike the mountaineering bag is usually from the top cover of the package to put the item inside the bag. A wide variety of small bags, it is important to choose to carry a comfortable, rather than pay attention to the appearance.

This backpack is very popular abroad, but in the current domestic is not very agreeable to everyone. In fact, this type of backpack is mainly designed for people who travel out, in particular, the need to pass airport security and other places, the advantages of this backpack is reflected, this type of backpack generally has a hand rod design, in the smooth ground, you can directly pull forward, in passing security, Because of its neat backpack design, it won't be able to get stuck on the conveyor belt because of 078 pieces of stuff outside the backpack (I used to use a long hiking backpack to check the airport security when I was on a conveyor belt because the backpack and hook were not put up. After the plane to find a full 1 hours in the conveyor belt to find my backpack, and so find, backpack buckle has been conveyor card broken, I was distressed to death! )。 In addition, the current foreign travel to the luggage box and the limit is very strict system, so the selection of suitable bags can also reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. And now a lot of travel backpack has a child package design, which allows you to stay at the hotel after you do not have to run around with a large bag, also do not have to take a small bag to occupy the place, the design of the child mother package to make it in the use of convenient. Therefore, the most need to pay attention in the selection of travel backpack is the convenience of the backpack, followed by the strong durability of the backpack, as for comfort, stability, breathability, backpack self-respect These aspects can not be too care.

5. Back Frame Bag

This type of package consists of inclusion and external aluminum alloy shelves. Used to carry a larger size, not easy to load the backpack items, such as photographic boxes, gas canisters. In addition, many backpacks on the signs also tend to indicate which sports are suitable.

According to the different size of the backpack, the general can be divided into big and small three categories

Large backpack volume of more than 50 liters;

The volume of medium-sized backpacks is generally between $number liters;

The volume of the small backpack is below 30 liters.

General characteristics of outdoor backpacks

The materials used in the backpack are waterproof and wear resistant.

The backpack has a thick back bandwidth and a belt that shares the weight of the backpack.

A large backpack has an inner aluminum frame or an outer aluminum frame supporting the package, and a small backpack with a hard sponge or plastic plate supporting the body.

The backpack on the sign often stated uses, such as "MADE for Adventure" (designed for adventure), "Outdoor Products" (outdoor special product) and so on.

Backpack Shopping Tips

You need a backpack that is comfortable and sturdy to carry clothing and necessary equipment. Within your affordability range, choose the best quality possible. The backpack material should be sufficient to withstand the load of the backpack securely, and the surface should not be worn easily. A backpack that is not strong enough will put you in a good mood. The secret of backpack load is that it distributes most of its weight on the hips to the most resilient, extremely hard-working fulcrum rather than the shoulder or back, and the shoulders and backs are easily worn out and overwhelmed. Therefore, the backpack should have a strong and comfortable belt.

In the choice of backpack to consider the volume and style, in addition, should also consider the user's stature and shape and load-bearing capacity, and other factors, the body is not high, do not choose a large volume of the backpack. Generally speaking, women choose the best backpack volume should not exceed 60 liters. In the choice of backpack in addition to look outside with the eyes, to carry the weight in person to try, walk a walk is often the most can feel backpack performance. Again advanced design, if you are not comfortable carrying, this backpack also does not accord with you.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the material must be made of a sturdy and waterproof fabric. The best main bag has an inner lining, which can not only waterproof infiltration but also prevent the leakage of the loaded items. The side bag is also very useful, but the bag mouth to choose a safe zipper instead of the buckle or something, or easy to throw things many tourists do not attach much importance to the choice of backpacks, in fact, have a comfortable and durable and beautiful backpack is very important. In today's market, the type of backpack, brand, a wide range of tourists should be how to choose? According to the different uses, sports backpacks can be divided into four categories: mountaineering backpack, long-distance travel backpack, bicycle backpack and back shelf package.

Mountaineering Special backpack is specially for the mountaineering design, the general package body is elongated, the upper and lower bunk, the package has the support package body's aluminum frame, the item all by the top cover of the package puts, the package also has the ice sleeve, for the bundle ice, the snow rod use. The mountaineering strap is more "S" type, the strap is thick and wide, the back is very comfortable, and has the adjustable belt which shares the weight of the backpack. Long-distance travel backpack is generally rectangular, its straps and belts and mountaineering bags approximate, also very comfortable, and the front of the package can be all open, fetching things very convenient, and some side bags can put items. Bicycle backpack is designed for cycling travel, divided into two types of bag and backpack type. The bag type can be hung on the front and rear frame; If you leave the bike halfway, you can choose a backpack. The back frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, especially suitable for large items such as tents, photographic boxes, etc. It is recommended here to select a back style.

After choosing the type of backpack, consider the size of the backpack. If you go to the outskirts of photography, the backpack can not be less than 60 liters, because in addition to the necessary supplies, there is a set of photographic equipment, if it is hiking, it is best to choose more than 50 liters of backpacks, because the backpack also packed tents and sleeping bags. Suburban tourism generally also choose 35 liters around the backpack, and in the city, a $number-liter backpack is sufficient.

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