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Sports Backpack Type And Style Introduction

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Sports backpack type and optional In the purchase of backpack, in addition to the backpack to see the brand, style, color, weight, volume and other information, the most important thing is to pick their own activities to be carried backpack. While the current market, although many types of backpacks, but according to the use of the points can be summarized as the following: backpack types.

1, climbing backpack (mountaineering bag) This type of backpack is mainly used for mountain climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing and other activities to carry, this backpack volume of about 25 liters -80 liters or so, one is the volume of 50 - 80 L between the big backpack; the other is the volume of 20 - 35 liters between the small backpack, also known as "assault package". Buy this backpack when the most need to pay attention to is to see the stability and durability of the package; because the backpack is to the user to do a substantial physical activity when the bear, so its stability is required to be high, And in the mountain climbing, rock climbing, ice and other activities, the surrounding natural environment are relatively poor, so the durability of the backpack is also very strict requirements, so as to ensure that climbers will not climb because the backpack is not strong And produce unnecessary trouble. In addition, we must pay attention to the comfort of the backpack, breathability, convenience and backpack weight, although these requirements than the stability and durability, but also very important. Large mountaineering bag is mainly used for mountaineering in mountaineering materials, small mountain climbing package is generally used for high altitude climbing or assault peak. Mountaineering special backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, making elegant and unique, generally thin body, the back of the bag according to the natural curve of the body design, so that the body close to the back of the body to reduce the pressure on the shoulders. This kind of bag has been waterproof, even in heavy rain will not leak. In addition, mountaineering bags are used for climbing, and other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing the desert, etc.) and long journeys are also widely used.

2, sports backpack This type of backpack is mainly used for normal sports to carry, such as: running, cycling, skiing, pulleys and so on. This backpack volume is about 2 liters -20 liters or so, in the purchase of this backpack when the most need to pay attention to is the stability, permeability and backpack weight, the higher the stability of the backpack in the sport when the more close to the body, The only way to do so does not affect the burden of doing all kinds of actions; and because it is carried in the sports backpack, but also close to the body, so the backpack of the permeability requirements will be very high, only so designed to make the Body and backpack fit the parts to keep dry, the burden of those who can feel comfortable. Another important requirement is the weight of the backpack itself; the lighter weight of the backpack, the burden of the burden of the less, then the negative impact on the less negative. Second, for the comfort and convenience of this backpack also have to ask, after all, if carrying uncomfortable, take items inconvenient, for the burden of people is also very awkward thing, as from the rugged point of view For example, this type of backpack is not so stress, after all, this type of backpack are some small backpack, durable and not to be particularly need to consider. Rhithers. Refers to rounds.s.ithers. Verticalithers.heads.itheritherulatesither Rhithers. Rhithers. Rhithers. Rhueical rounds.ered toomeniatingxortymsigmaiation composition composition罗 员 员Hanging bag can either carry, can also be wrapped in a bicycle before or after the shelves. Backpacking is mainly used for bicycles where high speed cycling is required. Bicycle packs are equipped with reflective light reflector to ensure the safety of the night ride.

3, walking backpack This type of backpack is that we ALICE often backpack. This kind of backpack can be subdivided into two kinds, one is a long distance backpack, the volume of 50 liters or more, one is the short distance walking backpack, the volume is about 20 liters -50 liters or so, between the two backpack requirements Not the same. Now some players like to walk in the long distance with ultra-light backpack, in fact, this is not correct. Because the long distance on foot when the most attention is not the weight of the backpack, but should take into account the burden of backpack comfort. When you do long-distance hiking, in the 3-5 days or longer, you want to bring something very much: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, changing clothes, food, stoves, drugs , Wild first aid equipment, etc., and so on, compared with the weight of these things, the weight of the backpack itself is almost negligible. But one thing you can not but consider, that is, these things into the backpack, you carry the entire backpack, such a situation on foot, you can be very relaxed and comfortable forward? If this time your answer is yes, then congratulations, your whole journey will be very happy. If your answer is no, then you have to congratulate you, you find the source of your unpleasant, and quickly for a comfortable carrying backpack it! Therefore, the longest distance is the most important thing to bear the comfort, but also in the ruggedness, permeability and convenience also have considerable requirements, and for long distance hiking backpack, their weight and bear the stability There is no special requirements. In the burden of all the net worth of the backpack when the weight is negligible, which I have said before. Moreover, this type of package does not need to be very close to the body like a sports class backpack, so the stability is relatively less important. As for the other in a short distance from the backpack, this backpack is mainly used for outdoor travel on the 1st, in this case do not need players with a lot of things, only need to bring some food, wild stoves, etc. can, So there is no need to pay attention to the selection of this type of backpack, as long as the backpack when the backpack is comfortable and breathable, the use of convenience, not too heavy weight on it, of course, with this package for the city can also be on foot.

4, travel bag (travel bag) travel bag and mountaineering bag is similar to the different shape of the package, the front of the travel bag can be opened through the zipper, very conducive to pick and place things, unlike the mountaineering bag is usually from the top of the roof Put the item in the bag. Small travel bag a wide variety, we must choose to carry a comfortable, and not only pay attention to appearance. This kind of backpack is very hot in foreign countries, but in the current domestic is not so much let everyone agree. In fact, this type of backpack is mainly for people who travel to design, especially the kind of need to pass the airport security and other places, the advantages of this backpack is reflected, this type of backpack generally have hands Pull the bar design, in the smooth ground, you can directly pull forward, through the security check, because of its backpack design clean, so it will not cause the backpack out of the seven pieces of things and stuck in the conveyor belt and not to the situation (Before I use a long distance backpack over the airport when the security check took place because the backpack and hanging points did not leave the backpack stuck in the conveyor belt, the plane after the whole looking for more than 1 hour in the conveyor belt to find My backpack, etc. When found, the backpack has been damaged by the conveyor belt, when I was distressed to die! In addition, now foreign travel on the suitcase and limit the weight has a very strict system, so the selection of the appropriate travel bag can also reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. And now a lot of travel section backpack has a sub-package design, which makes you stay in the hotel do not have to go with a large bag everywhere, do not have to take a small bag of the place, the package designed to make it easy to use very. So, in the selection of travel bag backpack most need to pay attention to the convenience of the backpack, followed by the backpack must take into account the ruggedness, as comfort, stability, breathability, backpack weight can not care too much in these areas. 5, backpack package This package consists of the body and the external aluminum frame. Used to carry a larger volume, not easy to load backpack items, such as photographic boxes, gas cans and so on. In addition, many backpacks are often marked on the signs for which sports. According to the different backpack volume, the backpack can be divided into large and small three large backpack volume in more than 50 liters; medium backpack volume is generally between 30 to 50 liters; small backpack volume below 30 liters.

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