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Sports Backpack Quality Should Be Investigated From Several Aspects?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Now in this fast-paced society, many working people, students, and some like traveling will choose a suitable Sports Backpack, then the quality of the Sports Backpack everyone needs to consider. Then Xiaobian following from the following five aspects to talk about how to inspect the quality of the Sports Backpack.

First, the material: The general use of 300D to 600D Oxford cloth, nylon, polyester cloth, but texture, wear resistance, color, coating will be different. The material used at the end of the fabric to fabric strength, usually 1000D nylon cloth used more

Second, the design: package-shaped, carrying the system, space allocation, packet settings, plug-in design, back heat sweat, rain cover and so on. Good Sports Backpack design has outstanding advantages.

Third, the attachment: zipper, fasteners, closing rope, nylon belt is very particular about.

Fourth, the process: the level of processing technology by the workers and machinery and equipment skills decisions, double-needle multi-function machine, knot machine, a molding press, plastic presses and so on. Programming and quality control also play an important role. Visiting some Sports Backpacking factories will have perceptual knowledge of the entire program.

Fifth, the final inspection is the brand: brand not only means higher prices, but also means quality assurance and after-sales service

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