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Sports Backpack Purchase Method

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

When you want to engage in any outdoor activities, a suitable backpack is your essential equipment, then how to choose according to different outdoor activities a handy backpack it?

Backpack style:

1, no top pocket style.

No backpack of the small backpack using inverted U-shaped zipper to control the main space for the switch. You can use the zipper control full or side open. Because the convenience of the switch, so you can easily pack and find the package items. If you are a student, leader or care about the classification and organization of the package, you can consider a small backpack without a bag.

2, there are top style.

Backpack design is often relatively simple and light weight (pull will cause weight increase), and packed by the top of the bag is very convenient. Some of the small bags with a top pocket have an upwardly extending space that can provide more capacity. While the backpack side of the compressed belt style can improve stability, suitable for skiing and climbing use. The disadvantage is that the backpack is packed with a top bag is a challenge, because the equipment in the lower backpack will not be easy to pick up, and it seems that the important equipment is always on the lower backpack. In the case of

3, some small backpack at the same time there are top bags and zipper, the advantages of both will be very convenient choice. In the case of

How much capacity is most appropriate:

The most suitable capacity for a small backpack is 30 liters, enough to lay down ten essential items and extra things for individual climbing. Small backpack capacity may be as small as only 10 liters or as large as 40 to 50 liters. If you often serve as a leader or help teammates (or children) back things, then you may need 40 liters or more capacity backpack. In most cases, the backpack capacity at 30 liters is a standard capacity and is the most popular choice. But if you are active from summer hiking to winter skiing, then you may need more than one small backpack. Consider your needs to decide your choice for your little backpack. In the case of

Various types of activities suitable for small backpack:

1, single-day hiking:

Usually 30 liters of the size of the most appropriate capacity.

Side bag (usually with a flexible net bag, did not put things when you can flat on the backpack)

The compartment (mezzanine or pocket) facilitates the storage of small equipment.

There are water bag mezzanine and straw outlet.

2, climb with:

 Choose a relatively narrow backpack, and you usually climb to a higher altitude, the temperature is relatively low, so you need a capacity of 40 liters backpack to portable additional warm clothing.

Your climbing ambition will determine the size of your backpack. Consider the amount of equipment you carry and the backpack with ice ax rings and daisy rope chains. In addition, the compression band and the backpack of the chest strap help to keep stable. In the case of

3, skiing tourism:

Backlit narrow and close the stability of the backpack will be a bonus. The range of your travels (how much additional clothes are going) will determine the size of the backpack. Backpack is best designed to have snow shovel, snow pole hanging point. In addition the chest strap and belt is also very important to consider. More than two and three have mentioned the purchase of relatively narrow backpack, why? Because the relatively narrow backpack will not hinder your activities, the other is not easy to hook things. In the case of

4, wild running / adventure racing:

Pockets, bottle backpacks or small capacity technical backpack (25 liters or less) are a good choice. Where the pockets do not move as the user moves, and can keep the back ventilated and perspiration

5, overnight trip with:

If you can have a minimum of mentality with equipment (lightweight sleeping bags, sleeping bags, etc.), a technical backpack can handle ultra-lightweight overnight needs. Only in the general case, can be done very few people, so the recent trend of lightweight tend to use ultra-lightweight medium-sized backpack.

You can find a backpack and belt backpack, and some carry the system to have one to two aluminum, you can carry a higher weight. But even if only the overnight trip, the desire for a comfortable life in the wild, or will make your backpack bigger and bigger. In the case of

6, school / commute / travel:

Find a backpack with at least two or more compartments, including mezzanines that can hold magazines or notebook computers, as well as space for electronic products and small things. It is best to have a backplane to prevent books from toping to your back.

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