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Small Waist Bag Also Have A Lot Of Knowledge

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

  Small waist bag also have a lot of knowledge. With your camera, keys, cell phone, sunscreen, snacks, cigarettes, lighters, and so on, you have a small waist bag that are just as important. In order to pay attention to the a waist bag of the fabric, belt and buckle selection, the quality of the material determines the overall appearance and practicality, if this waist bag is to be used outdoors, it is best to choose waterproof fabric. So what are the types of outdoor purses?

  What are the types of outdoor purses?

  I. Small waist bag

  Volume less than 3 liters of purses are small waist bag, small waist bag can be used as a personal purse. Mainly used for small personal objects, money, identity cards, bank cards and other valuable items. This kind of waist bag is more suitable for work, travel and daily application, the department in the coat, not the Mountain Dew, anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that there is too little volume.

  II. Medium Waist waist bag

  The volume is between 3 and 10 liters and can be classified as a medium sized waist bag. Medium-sized waist waist bag are the most widely used in outdoor waist bag, it is more diverse, and more powerful, can be used to load the camera, the larger size of the kettle items. It is the type of purse that is preferred when an enterprise participates in outdoor activities.

  Third, large waist bag

  Volume in more than 10 liters of purses for large waist bag, this kind of waist-waist bag is more suitable for a single day of outdoor activities and daily life, due to larger size, most of these waist bag with a single shoulder strap.

  Now, the purse is also the pursuit of personalized custom-made, many enterprises choose the purse as a promotional gift choice. One of the first is to fit everyone's life, without distinction of age, gender, the second is printable enterprise brand slogan, logo and other characteristics, promote corporate culture, expand brand awareness of new marketing methods.

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