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Selection Of Baseball Equipment

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Now gloves are rarely seen on the market, and gloves on the Internet is a mixed bag, price chaos, many golfers are scratching their heads, often being a flickers profiteers, just buy a so-called "superior glove", the results are often disappointed.

My three gloves by price, 300-600 first 600-1000 second, over 1000 third, less than 300 of the non-sale will gloves, sorry, in my opinion is equivalent to garbage, buy the gloves really is a waste!

300-600: can generally buy most of Taiwan's glove, chasing big name, MIZUNO, ZETT, SSK etc, there are like twin towers, KZM, BRETT, JJS, PowerPlay, etc, are also good choices in this price, but don't expect to get the good stuff, they have in common is: heavy (infield hit 750-800 g! ) But not durable leather, generally with a 1-2 you should be changed, I personally recommend that merely to "buy a glove with" money friends to buy for this purpose, of course, by parents of students with this glove is relatively reasonable.

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