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Schoolbag Style Inventory

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

  Schoolbag style inventory

  Europe and the United States Fan

  Europe and the United States wind, with the nature, simple, more biased towards the street type of New York Fan. It is with the sex at the same time,Schoolbag pay attention to the color of the mix, and the late Bohemian wind integration, it should be said that Europe and the United States more extensive wind, with a small part of Japan and South Korea atmosphere, very international. European and American style is relatively neutral and more expensive.

  Japan and South Korea wind

  Japanese fresh, Korean Department of sweet. Japanese and Korean style more suitable for petite Asian women. Compared to Europe and the United States often appear in the style of large bags, Japanese and Korean style bag size is generally smaller.Schoolbag However, Japan and South Korea style is also many times, in addition to fresh and sweet, Harajuku wind and sports wind is also more popular.


  The national wind is mainly related to ethnic elements, the Han nationality of the national wind mostly with the lapel, buckle, lotus or ink and other elements of landscape painting. Minority winds usually have a variety of colorful patterns and so on.

  Business style

  Business style, as the name suggests,Schoolbag usually in the work, negotiation and other formal occasions in the style. Business wind package is usually excellent material, simple design generous, do not spend the fog, calm and restrained.

  Casual wind

  There are many types of casual school bags, shoulder, shoulder, diagonal are involved. Different from the business package, casual bag more with the sex, but also better reflect the bag owner's taste and style. And the general leisure package than the business package to be more easily care.

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