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Pockets Waistband Wallet

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017


Basic explanation

Words: pockets

Pinyin: yāo bāo

Pockets Explanation

1, [pocket; purse] waist with the wallet; also refers to the pouch

A lot of public funds are in his pockets

2, is fixed in the waist of a package, pockets smaller, pockets of the shape with the function of the pockets of the original pockets in the shape of the original

Change, pockets in the material often use leather, synthetic fiber, printed denim and other production, pockets of color and more to no color and color with

Or colored gray. Travel or daily life can be used.

Pockets Detailed explanation

Pockets The bag for the waist, often referred to as personal income or all, still pouch.

"Water Margin" fifth back: "Lu Zhishen listened to the four words, thanks to the elders nine worship, back the parcel, pockets, belly bag, possession of the letter.

Lu Xun "pseudo-free book irresponsible tank car": "However, some people are anxious, for fear that have to pocket, apply for the tank to donate."

Guo Moruo "Hong Bo Qu" Chapter VIII three: "They have to take care of the pockets, not the head!"

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