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Messenger Pack Is A Purse

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

Messenger pack is a suede leather bag, practical. There are adjustable calfskin shoulder straps, palladium-plated brass metal fittings, microfiber linings, 3 inner bags, 1 zipper pocket, 1 Beauboura bag, 1 tablet size pocket and D-ring.

Messenger pack Maintenance

Messenger pack In order to maintain the beauty of the product, we recommend that you carefully read the following product maintenance guidelines:

1, be careful not to rub the product and rough surface rubbing or rubbing the product, especially leather trim.

2, keep the product dry and place it away from the direct heat source (away from the radiator, summer to avoid the handbag to stay in the compartment).

3, when not in use, please store the product in the cotton bag at the time of purchase. Do not store the product in hot, humid or non-ventilated areas.

Messenger pack Natural cowhide:

Messenger pack The trim of the product is made of natural leather and its outer leather is made from vegetable tanned leather. Leather will appear some natural traces and uneven parts. This kind of leather is particularly bogey to pull, with the passage of time, the leather exudes a charming luster.

1, due to moisture may cause product fouling, to avoid product and moisture contact.

2, non-wiped hands (such as stained with hand sanitizer, hand cream, moisture, perfume, etc.) contact with natural leather may cause product fouling.

3, if you accidentally wet the product, please use light-colored, lint-free cloth to dry it. Do not use cleaning fluid. The more leather on the leather, the more sensitive the leather.

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