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Lightweight Outdoor Gear Trend: Metallic, More Portable

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Backpack to the metal: the first is the backpack. Backpack weight normally reach more than 2-3KG. And a large chunk of its weight is its metal frame carrying system. Lightweight backpack is the first consideration of removal or partial removal of metal stents, engineering plastic is used instead. Fabrics are made of high strength 500D into 220D or lower strength of low strength of 30D fabric. Ultra light fabrics and the use of non-metallic Silicon soft bear is a light backpack features and trends.

Camping system simplicity: camping equipment, tents with ultra light metal rod, or reduce the fulcrum and low strength material can reduce weight. Ordinary two-tier structure into a single layer can be very significant in terms of weight advantage. Current BD FIRSTLIGHT FREESTANDING tent to 1.2KG already close to its limit. From the aspect of the equipment itself, which was good enough. However, from camping technology, said this was not enough. Camping systems are portable, must think of a new way of thinking. TARP-canopy nature into our field of vision. Camping systems simplify the generalization of results led to TARP and BIVY bags – camping. And that's a mixture of both, TARPTENT came into being. TARP technology is a difficult outdoor technology.

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