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How To Match The Bag?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2018

How to match the bag?


Choosing a suitable bag to match your style can add a lot to your overall style, but picking the wrong bag will not only add to your style, but will make it look like a failure. Therefore, while focusing on clothing, the mix of bags is also very important.


Useful Customized Buy Best Price Diaper Yummy Mummy Baby Changing Bag With Mat On Sale.pngStable bags are more suitable for office workers, and the colors are mostly black, coffee, white, or dark plaid. Taking into account the white-collar work needs to wear formal dress, and the color of the clothing is also dark, white, coffee and other dark colors, so the choice of bags in the style and details should have a distinctive style, such as tassels, rivets, metal chain, mosaic Decorations and other details can add bright spots to a dull color. Casual bags are more casual, slant, backpack, shoulder-based, the most suitable for outing shopping, picnic use. This type of bag is generally large in size and has sufficient capacity, and the fabric is mainly made of canvas and denim fabric. And this kind of bag is very suitable for DIY, likes to decorate the girls with the badges and pendants on the bags, and you can make full use of your talents. The use of luxury bags is relatively rare and is generally suitable for banquets, dance parties, weddings and other occasions. In the choice of fabric, you can choose silk, satin, and other shiny material, the style of handbags and handbags based on the size of the best choice of compact type, you can show women's dignified and elegant.

The bright bag, as its name implies, is rich in color and lively, giving people a fresh feeling. This type of bag used more frequently in the spring and summer, because this season's clothes are mostly light colors, just with colorful bags, but this type of bag is best not to choose too big style, Because the colorful packages are more suitable for European and American people's tall body and complexion, it is very difficult for Asians to back out of that tropical style, so the safety factor of small styles is still relatively high. The cute bags are loved by the majority of girls. The bags are fashionable, cute, and of different fabrics. They can be used by the majority of girls. This bag is suitable for lively, cute, outgoing, open girls. This kind of bag is suitable for use regardless of seasons, and does not need to be equipped with any ornaments, the bag itself is enough cute

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