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How To Maintain The Sports Backpack

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

  How to maintain the sports backpack

  First: do not always carry, sports backpack if you are carrying out a long period of exercise,

  It is best not to choose a long time carrying your sports backpack, must, so long for the back of your body is not good,

  To try in one or two hours after the hand, sports backpack and then back, so work together to treat your package,

  Can greatly extend the life of your backpack.

  Second: to always let your bag to see the sun, do not always put inside the house without outdoor sports Oh.

  No sunshine of the moisture, your bag may appear moldy situation, but also there will be some smell,

  People feel very uncomfortable, sports backpack not to mention you have to carry it,

  So, it may take some time to put your love bag out for a sunbathing, give it a little sun?

  Third: try to avoid a significant friction in the use of the process, will inevitably encounter some wear and tear,

  This is not to say that can not wear, sports backpack but as much as possible to reduce the wear and tear to bring you damage, to do less wear and more care.

  Try to avoid the large friction or the surface is not smooth to use,

  If you have to use, but also to stay more than one mind, the situation must do not have a positive friction

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