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How To Care For Bags?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2018

How to care for bags?


Fashion Customized Personalized Travel Backpack Design With Laptop Compartment For Women.pngFrom the classic to the modern, the rise of bag decoration has a close relationship with the evolution of clothing. Since the end of the eighteenth century, when the wavy skirt with a belt was replaced with the clothes for self-cultivation, the ladies rushed to find a bag that could carry personal items. The first fish-net-shaped pouch springs up. This kind of pouch with a long rope is easy to hold on the hand, and it becomes a real “package decoration”. For hundreds of years, the trend of fashion accessories is like fashion, changing with each passing day and changing. Its status has also gradually increased, becoming an indispensable part of women's clothing, such as package decoration. Based on different trend cultures, different times, and different occasions, women's bag decorations have evolved into ever-changing forms.

First, Don't keep carrying it. If you are doing long-term exercise, it is best not to choose to carry your shoulder bag for a long time. After all, it is not good for you to carry your body for a long time. Try to carry your hand after an hour or two, and then carry it on your back. This combination of work and rest for your bag can greatly extend the life of your backpack. Second, Always let your bag see the sun, don't stay in the house and don't do outdoor sports. Without the moistening of the sun's rays, your bag may become moldy. At the same time, there will be some odors. It will make people feel very uncomfortable. Besides, you have to carry it. Therefore, it may be a while. Take your love bag out for a sunbathing and give it a little sunshine?


Third, Try to avoid large-scale friction. In the process of use, it is inevitable that you will encounter some wear and tear. This is not to say that you cannot wear, but try to reduce the damage that wear brings to you. .Try to avoid using the place where the friction is high or the surface is not smooth. If you must use it, you need to keep one more eye. You must not have to face friction. In order to save time, some women use the same bag on different occasions. Sometimes they don't seem to coordinate because they don't mix with the outfit. It is best to prepare several bags for different occasions such as work, leisure and dinner. The bag used at work should be larger, so that more essential supplies can be stored, but the style must be generous, consistent with the image of work, such as a briefcase style package is the most suitable.

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