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Custom Waist Bag Choose What Fabric Is Good

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Custom waist bag choose what fabric is good

In today's era of customization customization, personalized customization, personal customization, customizable variety of items. Small waist bag, Heiner rivers; small waist bag, fashion trend. Custom waist bag can save promotional costs, small, lightweight, portable is its characteristics. That custom waist bag choose what fabric is good?

1. waist bag of leather used in leather

Leather waist bag, whether from the appearance or texture are a grade, in the process and material requirements are very strict, the choice of leather waist bag is a symbol of identity, if the gift as a cost, then the cost is very high. So custom leather waist bag are often presented to senior leadership, a customer, and the number is generally not much, so the price is more high.

2. waist bag selected nylon fabric

Wall is the reality of the house or garden of the barrier, and nylon material waist bag is our luggage "fabric industry" the most solid wall, it is durable wear, durable and durable, the price is partial and so on. Generally in the appearance can be seen nylon and fine lines of nylon and pit pattern nylon, fine lines of nylon feel soft and comfortable, the appearance of more business, and pit pattern nylon feel subtle bumps, the appearance of more leisure, which must be based on Enterprise customization requirements for waist bag.

3. Canvas fabric selection of canvas

Canvas is everyone can control the fashion, canvas waist bag can be fresh and refined can also be colorful flowers, it is more pursuit of quality, but canvas bag design, design the more unique value will be higher. If you can customize a canvas waist bag as a promotional gift, it is not only low cost, and the audience strong, but if you want to effect or to choose the waist bag of custom manufacturers, do personalized waist bag custom. 

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