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Camping 3 Way

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Camping bag

Sleep as sleeping under the stars, is the most ideal method of the night in the wild. To respond to weather changes, the simplest way is to use a waterproof bivy sack. Camping bags, also known as sleeping bags, waterproof jacket outside is a layer on top of the sleeping bag. More complex (and often more) camping bags tend to have one or several rods, up around the head and face to create a space. Tent in trouble spots, such as trees or under the shelter of large stones, camping bag can be rolled out easily. However, despite the good camping bags to keep out wind and rain, but you can only cook on the outside, if the weather is bad or mosquito-infested worse. But in some cases, even without a tent, camping bags can also play a very important role.


Good tents can provide the comprehensive response to weather and mosquitoes, as well as cooking, eating, reading, sorting equipment and room for playing cards. Tent the main use is to withstand the rain and snow, ideally, tents must be capable of discharging the water vapor generated internally. On windy days, using nails and wind resistant rope allows the tent is very necessary to get a better fix. Nails are easy to lose, better take a few as a backup. A number of tents needed Windbreak ropes are between two and more than 10, most tents shipped with a full set of wind rope, a few tents only with major wind rope, connect more wind-proof rope on the external accounts node. Before setting out the necessary wind rope, or at least take some auxiliary rope.

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