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Buy Fashionable Sports Backpack Must Read Raiders

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

  Buy fashionable sports backpack must read Raiders


  Cow leather is characterized by small pores, was round, evenly distributed and close, smooth leather surface smooth, plump texture, delicate, sports backpack smooth and soft appearance, touch the texture of solid and flexible. Such as forced squeeze the leather surface, there are small folds appear.

  Pig skin

  Pig leather breathable steam performance is good, pig leather striae rough, the surface of the pores round and thick, the strength of the largest, not beautiful, more inclined into the leather, it is easy to identify. sports backpack Pigs and pork holes arranged in three groups, leather surface showing many small triangle pattern.

  Crocodile skin

  Crocodile skin called leather in the platinum, known for luxury rare. This is not only because the number of crocodiles scarce, but also because the crocodile growth slow and high breeding costs, and can be used in the crocodile skin is limited to the narrow part of the crocodile abdomen.

  Patent leather

  In fact, patent leather is a processing technology, refers to the leather or PU leather and other materials on the leaching paint, sports backpack which is characterized by bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture, not easy to deformation, easy to clean and so on. This process was very popular, the late nineteen ninties with sports shoes and casual shoes are made with patent leather.


  PU leather is the polyurethane skin, its wide range of applications, the number of large, many varieties, is the traditional natural leather can not meet. PU leather its quality is also good or bad, good PU leather even more expensive than the leather price, stereotypes good surface bright!


  Canvas bag is made of burlap bag, sports backpack the biggest feature is strong and durable. Its wild also makes a lot of people favor, and any dress can be, but also their own DIY, diverse and diverse fashion.


  Sheepskin is characterized by grain pores oblong, more oblique deep into the leather; pores clear, a few rows arranged in a group, like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as "water ripple" shape. Sheepskin light, thin, soft, made of beautiful pattern of clothing, glossy soft natural, light and soft, flexible, but not as strong as leather and pigskin.


  Anti-fur is the other side of the leather (hairy, not smooth). Suede shoes wearing comfortable, breathable performance is particularly good, sports backpack elegant appearance. But its lack is easy to dirty and difficult to maintain. Especially in the case of bad environment, suede shoes easy to inhale dust, water will lint down, showing a bright shell.


  PVC is a kind of artificial plastic products, used to make bags used when we often say that PVC artificial leather. Its grade is generally not as good as PU and leather materials. Easy to harden and crack. But the price is cheaper, the quality is very light.

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