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Big Wall Climbing Share Some Tips And Ideas

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

1: streamlining of protection device of carrying: climbing routes of thousands of meters above sea level, mechanical stuff I will eliminate your largest and smallest model, bring some 3-10 cm plug is generally 16 or so. In addition 1-2 plug (so get rid of the minimum and maximum), this can help to reduce weight and improve efficiency. Assuming a 60-metre line, I usually 8-12 protection according to difficulty settings. If visit mountain difficult, will carry 3 titanium Pitons, 3 sets of hanging piece of titanium alloy and hand drill stand (so far unused, ultralight to expensive).

2: declined of protection points: many people like with rock nail set protection points Hou declined, but rock nail heavy, also need with rock hammer, if ice rock mixed line also can, small picks end with hammer, or pure rock mountain, that on only with auxiliary rope and rock plug as declined abandon protection device, price and rock nail as, but weight light, attack top road also can for protection, efficiency high. Ice caves are the most environmentally-friendly protection.

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