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Hunting Bag Maintenance Method

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

  Hunting Bag Maintenance method

  -Be careful not to rub or rub hunting bags with rough surfaces, especially leather trim edges.

  -Keep the hunting bag dry and place it away from the direct heat source (away from the radiator and avoid leaving your handbag in the car in the summer).

  -When cleaning, use a soft damp cloth dipped in a little soapy water to clean the canvas portion. Avoid contact with leather parts. Do not use cleaning fluids.

  -Avoid hunting bag contact with hand cream, lotion, cosmetics and perfume and other liquid items.

  -When not in use, please store the hunting bag in a cotton bag that is attached to the purchase. Do not store hunting bags in hot, humid or airless places.

  The edge of the hunting bag is made of natural cowhide and its outer leather is made of vegetable tanned leather. There will be some natural traces and unevenness of leather. This kind of leather is particularly taboo-pulled, with the passage of time, leather shows a fascinating sheen.

  -Because moisture may cause the hunting bag to deface, avoid hunting bags and water contact.

  -Dry hands (such as stained hand lotion, hand cream, water, perfume, etc.) contact with natural hides may cause the hunting bag to deface.

  -If you accidentally wet the hunting bag, wipe it dry with a light-colored, hairless absorbent cloth. Do not use cleaning fluids. The more shiny the leather is, the less sensitive the leather is.

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