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Why do foreigners love to carry backpacks?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2018

Why do foreigners love to carry backpacks?


Wholesale Fashion Customized Best Personalized Mens Military Camo Sports Backpack.pngFor most people, the backpack is a very casual yet practical piece of equipment, with books, documents, and computers. At the same time, foreigners pay great attention to equality. Boys can't stuff into women's handbackpacks, including wallets, mobile phones, extra jackets, and they can't be held in their hands. More, you can only find a backpack and then carry it yourself. It’s a day to go out and date. You can’t be tired, and because you don’t have much, you can’t be tired.

In addition to ensuring breathability, in practicality, the back panel will respectively clip the back of the backpack to the upper end of the person's back and hips, and the waist is emptied, and the shoulder strap and the cheekbone are strenuous. Then, using a small strap, including the anti-slip buckle on the chest and the weight belt of the weight, spread the weight to all parts of the body, reducing the pressure on the lumbar spine and neck muscles, reducing the chronic strain, so that even if the back 20 -40kg of things will not feel tired. Moreover, the mountaineering backpack is a sports product, which is for the convenience of walking, reducing the restrictions on the waist of the backpack; and once the back is too much, it will not turn well. Most people will choose to twist instead of turning back. The backpack will give up the part below the waist and make some extensions in the space behind the head. In order to make people move easily in the back, the backpack will be designed to be as wide as the shoulder of the person, the narrow design, plus the distance between the bottom of the backpack and the waist, which is why it is visual and factual. On the back, the mountaineering backpack will be very high.

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