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What is the structure of the backpack?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2018

What is the structure of the backpack?


Wholesale Fashion Customized Best Personalized Mens Military Camo Sports Backpack.pngThe structure of the backpack is a very important point! No matter what backpack you buy, it’s always more important than to be tired. After all, backpacks are the same as shoes, good-looking is for others, and it is your own. A good carrying system can spread the force on the shoulders on the waist, which is not just a belt design. More important is the framework structure or the piggyback system. The frame structure of the outdoor backpack is mainly divided into three categories: external type, internal bracket, and inner frame, and the internal type is better than the external type.

The external type does not have a real aluminum alloy bracket, and in the narrow sense, it must not have a frame structure design. The buffer block is formed by a filler such as foam or sponge to achieve shock absorption and decompression effects. This kind of carrying system bag is usually not easy to carry too heavy. The internal bracket is a professional backpack design with a X- or parallel double-track metal bracket inside the backpack. Its purpose is to ensure that the back does not collapse when the backpack is filled sufficiently. This is not difficult to understand why when you attach the belt, the shoulder will have a relaxed feeling.

The internal frame's carrying effect is very close to the internal bracket, especially the actual experience difference on the short-distance backpack is not very large. The advantages are lighter than the internal brackets, but physically we know that such a design is not as good as the bracket structure. So this design is rare on heavy-duty backpacks.

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