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What are the materials for the backpack?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 24, 2018

What are the materials for the backpack?


Customized Colorful School Outdoor Travel Sports Backpacks For Kids On Sale.pngPolyester is characterized by good gas permeability, shape retention and strong acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance. Therefore, the polyester shoulder bag is really a material with moderate texture, high wear resistance and easy care, and the polyester backpack is the most versatile. Polyester backpack is so good, is there a lot of people heartbeat? Then, in addition to the polyester material, what kind of material is available for the backpack?

The advantages of the spandex backpack are high elasticity, high stretchability and good recovery. Generally, 2% can improve the sense of movement of the fabric, and the drape is also preserved. However, there are still some shortcomings in spandex, that is, the alkali resistance is weak, and it is easy to turn yellow and embrittlement after being exposed to chlorine or ultraviolet rays. Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world. It has good abrasion resistance and dust resistance, and is durable and easy to care. Because of its outstanding functionality, nylon backpack is often used as an outdoor sports type backpack.

In addition to the fiber backpack, there are other common materials such as leather and canvas. The leather-made backpack is crisp in shape, clear in texture and easy to clean. The style is simple and the color is mostly based on the stable dark color. It is a must-have magic for fashion people to go out. Canvas is a thick cotton fabric with a firm texture. As a backpack, it is usually more wear-resistant, has a large capacity, and has a certain waterproofness. The style is diverse and the style is novel. It is a good idea for many people. While paying attention to the style of the bag, we must pay more attention to its material and refine it to the fiber composition, so that we can choose a bag that fits our mind and ties our own temperament.

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