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The type of sleeping bag

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Common sleeping bags come in 3 shapes, and parking meters, envelope-style beer barrel. M microphone type is also called Mummy and Mummy, this sleeping bag shoulder width feet narrower, generally 75 to 85 cm shoulder width, width of 35 to 45 cm. Ma meters type sleeping bag is also weight Xia can reached good warm effect of sleeping bag shape, for cold season using; envelope type sleeping bag as its name suggests, shoulder cloth and feet Department as wide, like a envelope, such of sleeping bag compared loose, for summer warm season and shape large of people; mixed type sleeping bag type Qian both of combined, most is envelope sleeping bag plus a MA meters type of hat.

International popular sleeping bags are small cap, body streamlined (wide parts of neck, shoulder and elbow). Previous large caps which add weight, and is not conducive to keeping warm. Sleeping bag called the new "beer barrel", others refer to it as "cocoon", in fact are nothing but alienation of the two sleeping bags, it draws on the design advantage of sleeping the first two paragraphs over shortcomings of the former two, carrying and use of comfort has improved.

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