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Sleeping bag how to clean

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

1, use a neutral detergent or special cleaning agent to clean a sleeping bag sleeping bag, do not use strong cleaning agents, bleach, and fabric softener;

2 sleeping bag soak for a short time before, cleaning, brush gently with a soft brush head, neck, feet, easy-clean parts;

3, sleeping bags available front-mounted drum-type washing machine washing machine, but you cannot use the upper Turbo washing machine. Sleeping bags out before machine wash, pull all the zipper and buckle clasp. Washing machine selection mode of warm water and a mild, dry do not use features, powerful centrifugal forces can damage the sleeping bag fabrics and State line;

4, please thoroughly rinse detergent and soap bubbles;

5, cleaning, and do not place a sleeping bag from one side to pick up, and the sleeping bags from the bottom picking up as a whole, will damage the bag fabric and lining;

6, frequent washing can damage the transition down sleeping bags to keep warm medium, thus maintaining a clean Please minimize the washing times.

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