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Outdoor sports problems encountered

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Food nutritional supplement: gels, salty mashed potatoes, frozen instant rice, frozen fruit can ensure your sugar, protein, trace minerals, consumption of vitamins and other supplements. No energy is not try to rely on their fat consumption can maintain state, no supplements or if you have vomiting did not eat food, not to ease the situation, recommends that the retreat, in order to save life made a comeback.

Shoe selection: climbing shoes will certainly be carried, but athletic or regular practical, high-altitude related to cold weather, when you are freezing your feet numb, climbing the quality declined, so dedicated to the big wall rock climbing shoes are preferred, it features help protect the ankle, slightly larger can wear thick socks, some style with a certain degree of warm materials. In addition, we also need to prepare for a pair of climbing approach shoes, this is used to reach the rock wall climbing locations or you can deal with some simple difficulty climbing 5.6-5.9, in the comfort of warmth would be better

Camping equipment: big walls don't imagine finding pitched tents where direct out tents, camping you can choose bags, and I usually carry only 600 grams of down sleeping bags home rescue blankets. Any position you can nest one late.

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