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How to save a mountaineering bag?

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2018

How to save a mountaineering bag?


OEM Cheap Best Mountain Top Backpack Bags.pngIf the mountaineering bag becomes too dirty during outdoor activities, we can clean it with a neutral detergent and then dry it in a cool place. However, it is necessary to avoid exposure for too long, because ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth and still pay attention to basic maintenance. When the backpack is cut, it is necessary to use the thicker needle thread for the sewing. The needles of the special cushioning pad must be sewn, and the nylon thread can be fired.

The mountaineering bag should be stored in a cool, dry environment. Avoid mildew damage to the outer layer of the backpack cloth, check the main support points on weekdays, such as belts, shoulder straps, stability of the carrying system, to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket, and do regular maintenance to ensure the safety of outdoor activities. The correct mountaineering bag is packed in such a way that the things placed on both sides are balanced and the heavy objects are placed on top. The general mountaineering bag is divided into upper and lower layers, and the lower layer can be placed with sleeping bags and shoes. Put the tents, sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mats into the mountaineering bags, put their own clothes in the gaps of these things, put the food and other sundries on them, and put the common things in the side pockets of the mountaineering bag. Such as toilet paper, flashlights, kettles, etc. Try to make the mountaineering bag thin and tall instead of short and thick. This is where the mountaineering straps are used: tighten them and use your knees to compress them.

Whether it is hiking, cycling or traveling, good equipment is the guarantee to improve the quality of the activities. Choosing the right quality equipment for you can help you to better play your sports potential and enjoy the fun of outdoor sports. But the most important thing is a heart that loves sports. Let's start now and let life change a little bit!

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