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How normal golf swing

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

(1) the pendulum: refers to the first tee when start up the ball after the Act of swinging, from start to enter the wrist action so far. Swing on the back swing is the starting part.

The left arm and the Club as a whole, not wrist flexion of elbow flexion, keep the triangle consisting of arm and shoulder, left shoulder and left hand and ball rods form a single unit, led in turn to left shoulder arm and hand, cue, cue tip the ball slowly towards the direction of the flight of the ball straight back, placed about 30 cm. In this process, be sure to keep the club face always facing the direction of flight of the ball.

(2) swing: swing the whole, swing after swing and no interval between lines, without any pauses, swing on the back swing is starting, swing after swing is continuing, even say on the back swing is part of the swing.

(3) the top of swing: swing soon, swing and the swing between the two movements is not obvious under the divisions of time, their conversion is completed in a Flash, we converted the two moments as a top of swing.

When the swing is completed, his left wrist straight, buckling toward the thumbs, thumb and form wrinkles, finger against the ball of the thumb grip handle, middle finger, ring finger and little finger hold ball rod, left hand front top, back of the hand and forearm surface in uniform plane, undirected Palmar or dorsal flexion of the wrist. Inner left elbow slightly upward, twist right elbow slightly inward, caught in the left axillary gently. Left shoulder in 90 degrees at the Chin, pointing to the ball on the right side. Turn to the right at the waist, keeping right knee buckle inward slightly, right knee near the left knee, slightly lift the left heel, lend support in the weight to the right foot, finished top of swing.

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