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Gun bags and air bag

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Golf gun package standard called is golf practice bags, is to practice field, without package back to, just loaded Shang a support two support three support or most most sets rod to by called gun package, because initially of practice package practices like loaded gun of package as, domestic are called gun package, currently its this Shang of gun package size are in 6 inches to 7 inches around. Usually shoulders shoulder most of the material is NYLON, which basically knows to light, convenient, do not pay attention to appearance.

As its name suggests air bag might have relationships with travel. Is this aviation package is designed for golf lovers out far play and design, he can better of protection rod, in travel Shi not was damaged, and can placed you travel of all luggage, contains clothing shoes and so on, now market Shang most sold of aviation package are is soft body of nylon cloth making, General in head will has 20 mm around of sea cotton such on better of protection ball head, this years PING has been to they of six aviation package for name, unique of collection function, for consumers generation to has is good of convenient, At the same time United States bagboy is also renowned for their bags, they have been with their hard shell Rotary air bag golf bag is famous. Add crazy fans in Europe and America, but has not yet entered the Chinese market, they have better air bag safety factors, both inside and outside the protection force is strong, and password-Keng.

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