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Golf swing to turn power source

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Golf swing motion in the horizontal drive for beginners often ignored. In fact, we appreciate skip action will ignore the role of horizontal rotation drive. Skip several lines: turn your wrist, arm + wrist rotation, horizontal shoulder + arm + around and around the wrist, turn turn turn hips + shoulders + arm + wrist. Obviously, the longer game, the better. Golf swing horizontal turning drive driven mainly comes from the legs to the hips. In the horizontal drive process, left hip is similar to the fulcrum of the lever system, right hip is similar to power point on right hip thrust similar power in his right leg, left and right hip are similar to line power arm, similar to ball the cue tip resistance, head of horizontal inertial force similar resistance, through the waist and lifting arm and ball rods similar to the resistance arms. On this a lever system of balance analysis and the movement analysis can see, due to here power capacity (right leg of maximum thrust) and power arm relative larger (relative Yu body other parts produced,), so can led of resistance points Shang of driver also big, and, right leg promoted right hip of level movement speed through lever of transmission can makes Rod head level movement speed zoom more times, its role effect imagined. Not only that, early in the downswing course hip, hip turns in the lower part of the reverse tightened psoas, shake that ass for not turning the shoulders stored elastic potential energy, doubling the Knicks go shoulder strength and the degree of outbreak. How to apply this principle in behavior improve hip rotation Kai power? Can refer to the horse stance right straight punch in boxing, this stance to promote the rotation of the hips, more powerful, more stable. Also, this posture automatically overcomes beginner and move around the hips rather than the rotating cross-drive the ball bar faults, and move around the hips to amplification of the club head speed.

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