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Golf bag size is how many

Xiamen Sunrise Sports Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Typically 50 inches (127 cm), ball diameter (width) 8.5 inch (28 cm).

For package law compared fast, you on can select this gorgeous of ball package. addition PU of ball package most function not good, in Europe market of ball package most are is with nylon material making, some cloth Shang will posted Shang a layer sea cotton, some is without posted Shanghai cotton, some is barrels body of that layer 2MM of PE Board are without, again Shang nylon material than Asia-Pacific with of PU in light again reduction off PE Board of weight, Europe of ball package about than Asia-Pacific of ball package are to light 2KG around, but looks not luxury, Not high-end. then they of function special good, also not column outside behind by said of bracket package. Europe ball package from function often than Asia-Pacific of ball more out of function has unique of umbrella bags, jewelry bags Super big space of ice insulation bags, phone bags money clip bags glasses bags pen plug Pocket fruit Ling fork pocket ball nail plug sneakers placed bit fast with rain sets makeup package wet clothing placed bags.

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